1 Year / 24 Issues

We put out two issues of ThingaBOOM a month for an entire year.


Boom Issues (collections of articles and contenet) are based around a singular topic like the Great Barrier Reef, Robots, Dance, Japan or Tastes of the World. This might not seem unique, but we've found that most magazines tend to have one feature article and fill in the rest of the pages with somewhat unrelated content. At Thinga, we prefer to take a deep dive into a subject and really allow our viewers to get their hands dirty!

Walled Garden

At Thinga, our walled garden approach insures viewers of any age are able to reach only safe, parent (and Thinga!) –approved websites. Through our adult-verified registration process, parents are able to set permissions for themselves and each child.

This allows parents to decide what type what types of content and services their kids can enjoy.

Any Device, Anywhere

We've geared Thinga and Boom Magazine to be viewed by anyone, anywhere in the world using modern web browsers, smart phones and tablets. If there's a device you're interested in seeing Thinga on, please don't hesitate to contact customer service.

Parent Extras

One of our big differentiators is that we hook up parents with special information just for them! This targeted information is a parents best friend topic and video summaries, vocabulary call-outs, and helpful links. One of our main values is to facilitate dialogue between parents and kids. Learn more about what makes us tick by checking out the Thinga Values.

Great Value at $4 / Month

For less than the price of one (one!) cup of coffee at Starbucks, you get inspiring, topic-based, personalized content through Thinga Boom.

Jokes, videos, games, downloads, activities, book suggestions (and shh, awesome secret areas of the site!) Learning and fun have never played so well together.