What is Thinga?

Thinga creates and curates content that is suitable for all. Thinga is a collection of videos, inspiring news, cool humans, animals secret codes, scavenger hunts, videos, games, puzzles, gifs, jokes, and more. Curated for teachers and parents who want to share smarter, more meaningful media in the classroom and at home.

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Too Much Fun? Impossible!

Kid Reporter. Thinga likes to stay busy, whether we're interviewing the lead performer in Cirque Du Soleil, hanging with the Sugar Plum Fairy, or visiting an artist's Kaleidoscope Factory! Kid Reporter is on the scene.

Certified B-Corp. The Bear James Company (makers of Thinga) is a certified B-Corp. We are proud to be aligned with other companies such as Kickstarter, Patagonia, and Ben and Jerry's that share similar social and ecological values! Learn More

Fun Pages! Who likes Lil Bub? (everyone!) What about the history of punk as told through a scavenger hunt by a Halloween Pumpkin? Thinga loves doing holiday and special promotions with local and national companies. Let's do one together!

Festivals, Faires, and Pop-Up Events. We love getting out and about, whether it's Wooden Sword Class in Marfa, Galactic Spin Art at Maker Fair, Book Fairs, or even just music, art, science, and fun!

Choose Your Own Thinga

Thinga Scrapbook! Thingas are everywhere hiding in every corner of the site. When a Thinga is found be sure and add it to the Thinga Scrapbook. Find 'em all, as they say, and new ones are constantly being added.

​Our Approach

  1. People First - Our focus is our audience and their enjoyment on Thinga.com.
  2. Fully Curated - Everything on the site is either original content or hand-picked by our most trustworthy team
  3. COPPA standards - An amazing set of standards around the collection of children's information.
  4. Subscriptions, Ads, and Paid Content - Keeps the service running
  5. Independent - Being independent means we are not being told what content to offer. We make our own choices, and champion our audience.
  6. Social and Ecological Impact — We are committed to transforming how kids and families interact with the world around them. We do this by making a positive contribution in all our actions locally and globally, and are currently supporting ecologically sustainable and socially conscious products, content, and services where possible.

Our Mission

Thinga is a single online source of wonder, discovery, education, and fun for people of any age. We work on projects that benefit online and real world communities. This includes regional popup events, festivals, charitable products and partnerships with family-oriented organizations. A significant part of our mission is to provide free and accessible content on and offline for historically challenged and low income groups.

​Thinga Offers a Choice

We believe everyone should have the right to choose the types of content they view online. We fundamentally believe in freedom of expression, and we believe that all people including children, parents, and educators have the right to explore the world in a safe and appropriate way.

Peace of Mind Online

Regular people have very little choice than to go to very large content providers to watch videos, be inspired and ... whoa .. wait a minute ... LEARN something! Not only are the offerings limited, but the way they're delivered detracts from the goal of building knowledge, imagination and curiosity.

At The Bear James Company, we are changing this! We believe kids and parents have the right to choose the types of content they view online. By creating a dedicated, all-ages website, we’re giving families a place to discover and explore great content together.

Who makes Thinga?

Thinga is made by the folks at The Bear James Company in Austin, Texas. Bear James is a studio, experimental lab, and world headquarters attempting to be the best they can be by being honest and ethical. Bear James and Thinga are not affiliated with any specific club, organization, religion, or society except the great one we call the United States of America! We are inclusive of all ethnicities, cultures, and families, and backgrounds.

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Thinga is supported by subscriptions, sponsorships, promotions, partnerships, and COPPA compliant advertising. If you support online awesomeness for kids and families, please support us by giving Thinga as a gift, or signing up someone you know.

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