Toys For Change

For brother's Will and Chris Haughey, helping others has always been a part of their lives. Growing up, the brothers took every opportunity to help people in need; volunteering every chance they got. Little did they know, they would soon become the source of good for an entire community.

While on a volunteer mission in Honduras (a country where more than half the population struggles with poverty) Chris came up with a brilliant idea. After coming home and discussing the idea with his brother, the two of them decided they would move to Honduras to start a business of their own- with one goal in sight; creating jobs for people in the community.

The next step was deciding what kind of business they would start. The brothers wanted to center the business around a resource that was plentiful and native to the country. Will said, "choosing to work with a material that is basically self-replenishing is a big part of sustainability.” The decision wasn't too difficult from there, they both agreed it would have to be wood! It wasn't long after, they found themselves in the toy making business. Creating magnetic, wooden building blocks- inspired by toys they discovered in Germany.

The brothers named the company "Tega," in celebration of Tegucigalpa (the capital of Honduras). The company employs several Honduran citizens and has also teamed up with a local school- helping to educate children of families within the community. Who knew toys could make such a huge impact? Tegu continues to improve the lives of many people in Honduras, one block at a time!