BOO! You've found Clue #1 ! Do your best to crack the secret word below .. if you get STUMPED, ask a friend!


+ MOUSE – M + H

What's the word?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"Be-LEAF me, you might be STUMPed on this clue, but when you get it you will emBARK on the next one.

Once you figure out the code, type it into the search box above for Clue #2 and the whereabouts of Punk Pumpkin!

City + Fashion : Literally!

How about these amazing photos of city-inspired dress designs? You can totally do these yourself: Simply draw some designs of your own, cut them out, then go on a walk. So simple!

Don't forget your camera! —Bear James

Art, architecture and fashion collide in the best possible way in the the work by shamekh شامخ, an architect and fashion illustrator that has found an ingenious way to combine both of his passions. (via thekhooll)

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