In Helping Fashion

You know when you're feeling down or having a bad day and all you need is a little something to cheer you up? Meet Wasabi, whose main mission in life is to make people feel better! Wasabi is a 42-pound spur tortoise and a registered therapy pet. That's right, she travels around to different places like nursing homes, hospitals, and schools in hopes of making people smile.

She's affectionate, friendly, and did I mention, she's got a whole lotta style? Yep, she's pretty much the best dressed reptile in the world (okay maybe the only one, but it's still pretty cool). She wears colorful dresses that accentuate her round shell and unique color- making it almost impossible not to smile when she walks into the room. Wasabi also helps raise awareness about her species and other endangered animals. There's not much this gal can't achieve! Air five to one cool tortoise. Way to go, Wasabi!

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