108 Year Old Message in a Bottle

A long time ago, 108 years ago to be exact, a British scientist put a message in a bottle and threw it out to sea. The scientist had one goal in mind: to prove the direction of undersea currents.

Fast forward a hundred years or so, Marianne Winkler (who used to work for the postal service) stumbled upon the bottle while vacationing with her husband in Amrum, Germany- an island off the North Sea.

The message she found was written on a postcard and reprinted three times in English, German, and Dutch. It had one very simple instruction; mail the postcard back to the Marine Biological Association located in Plymouth, U.K. And that's not all, the message promised a reward of one shilling in exchange for safe delivery of the postcard!

Making good on the promise, Marianne sent the message to back to the proper address. Turns out it wasn't the only bottle thrown to sea but one of 1,020! The person responsible for the messages? George Park Bidder, President of the Association during 1904 and 1906. While most of the bottles were discovered soon after they were thrown to sea, it was enough information to prove Bidder's theory that in the North Sea currents flow from east to west.

The message also proved to be a sign of good fortune for Marianne, who received her one shilling from the Association's now president soon after the postcard was delivered. Great find, Marianne!

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