Artist and archaeologist Bryan Payne has one mission; connecting people. He does so through rocks. That's right, those round hard objects you find on the ground. Payne decorates rocks he finds in his home state of Missouri with various doodles. Then he places the rocks around the city of St. Louis so people will discover them unexpectedly.

Known to the world as "doodlestones," Payne's hidden treasures have made a noteworthy impression. He uses geotagging and various social media outlets to leave clues about where people might stumble upon a hidden stone of their own.

The goal? To try and connect people to a community. He states, "This is the first way that I've been able to use my resources to create some sort of community, building to bring people from across barriers together."

Way to go Bryan! You rock ;)!

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This is a great way to do something when you're on a walk in the neighborhood or even just in your own backyard.

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