Balloon Fiesta

Every October in Albuquerque, New Mexico there's something called Balloon Fiesta. A nine day long, world recognized festival celebrating the plight of hot air balloons. Thousands of people bring their hot air balloons to one place, the balloons come in all shapes and sizes and decorate the sky in beautiful bright colors. What started off as a small birthday celebration for a local radio station, quickly grew into the largest balloon festival in the world!


After the owner of a local Albuquerque radio station asked Sid Cutter (the only person in town) that owned a hot hair balloon permission to use it during the party the rest was history. Once Cutter agreed the two started to talk more about ballooning. Curious to know how many balloons were at the largest gathering in the world, the two quickly discovered the number was surprisingly low. Held in England, the festival in question hosted a whopping 19 balloons.


The two agreed to try and match England's number in their own home state. Their first attempt turned out unsuccessful due to poor weather, but that didn't stop them from trying harder. The following year, the two offered to host the first hot air balloon championship, and named it "Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta." The fiesta took off and a few years later they were internationally recognized.

Stay cool, Albuquerque!


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