Here at Thinga, dance is a huge part of how we run things at Awesome HQ. That's why when we stumbled upon this recipe for groot cupcake toppers, we just had to share it with the world! Join in on this delicious recipe adventure using the simple instructions below. Oh, and one more thing, cupcakes taste better if you dance while you bake.

Getting Started

The first step in making groot cupcake toppers is the dough.

  • Choose a sugar cookie recipe of your liking (this shouldn't take more than an hour)
  • Once the dough is made, stick it in the refrigerator to harden
  • Once the dough is hardened roll it out on wax paper
  • Use groot stencil in the PDF. below to trace out the design

Once you trace the groot stencil onto the dough use a paring knife and carefully cut out your designs. Once all your groot tropers are cut out, place them on the cooking pans and stick them in the oven! Bake the cookies according to the recipe.

While the cookie dough is baking use the green food dye to decorate the cupcakes (you can make homemade frosting or buy ready to use). You will also need to save some frosting for the brown and black details on the front of the groot toppers. The black frosting is for the eyes, the brown frosting is for the small tree details down the body of the groot!

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