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If you haven’t already you’ve got to visit Marfa, TX. If not for an amazing camping experience, than for glimpse of life in a small West Texas. Located six hours west of Austin, TX, Marfa is a little desert town that has something unique to offer everyone passing through.

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El Cosmico for example, that's tucked away just a block or so outside of town. A well known campground, this magical place has a lot more to offer than just a space to pitch your tent. Covered in teepees, beautifully fashioned yurts, and a view that’s bound to make your eyes water El Cosmico is THE place for adventure and that childhood wonder everybody seeks while exploring the open road.

Thinga had an awesome opportunity to participate in the Transpecos Music Festival. Held on the grounds of El Cosmico, we hosted a one of a kind workshop where we helped people design, decorate and shape their own wooden swords and other magical objects! Check out our photo gallery and a little bit more about El Cosmico in Marfa, TX!


Two Transpecos enthusiasts showing off their magical wands crafted earlier that day!


Spotted: Food Shark automobile. Food Shark is a food truck stationed in Marfa, TX and helped host the Transpecos Music Festival with their exceptional mediterranean cuisine.


The whole gang together with their finished wooden swords. We were lucky to have two awesome pups join in on the fun too!

A quick glimpse of the tent and tipi lodgings at El Cosmico. Pictures couldn't possibly stand in place of the beauty that surrounds this magical place!

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