Watermelon Carving

During halloween, pumpkins are the focus of much of the carving that goes on in America, but in Japan they have a different fruit to work on ... watermelons! Relax and watch as this simple plant is transformed into something artistic and wonderful.

Square Watermelons

Who knew a watermelon could be anything other than round or oval shaped? You did? I didn't ... ! Another fun thing to do to watermelons in Japan is to form them into shapes like a square. The guy in the video says they sell for upwards of a hundred dollars in the store. Wow!

I wonder if they still have seed spitting contests?

Barfing Watermelon Smoothies

This one is hilarious, and totally my style. Tricks and hacks to make your summer party more awesome.

Skin a Watermelon Trick

This one is fun.

Magic's a personal favorite around the Thinga HQ and performing stunts at parties means you get to share your awesomeness with others. This one's easy and straightforward, and as of this posting, as 29 Million pageviews on YouTube. That's why we had to post it!

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