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After you unlock Punk Pumpkin.. look in the top right corner of the page and you should see Punk! Click on him to see what else you can find.

Punk Pumpkin's been listening to the band The Ramones this Halloween season, working on mastering his guitar skills and trying to stay out of trouble. The Ramones were a punk rock band from the US known for being one of the first bands use the term punk. What is a punk? Punks are thought of as a young people with a rebellious personalities. Do you know any punks? Are you a punk? ARE YOU A PUMPKIN!??

This AWESOME Spider Man tune was made by The Ramones. (We wanted to show you one called Pet Semetary which seemed to go well with the spirit of Halloween, but it didn't seem appropriate). Spider Man, however, is just the kind of rambunctious and upbeat song that puts Punk Pumpkin in the Halloween spirit. After you watch it head to Thinga's Halloween fun page for more festive adventure!

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