Transformers as a 1950s Monster B-Movie Trailer

You may not be aware, but in the 50's, there was a whole wave of awesome movies that came out that were very cheap to make, but really fun to watch on the big screen. Classic monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein, robots, and aliens, these so called B Movies became popular as a response to big budget films with famous actors. 

What does the B in B Movie stand for? Most people seem to think it was a response to A movies, which were really popular and high budget movies. As an example, the A-Team and the B-Team in sports are considered 1st and 2nd best teams to play, respectively. B could also refer to bad movies, often said with a snicker and a wink. The B could also refer to low-Budget movies. What else could B stand for? 

Regardless, some interprising folks took a modern movie and styled it to seem like one of the old B-Movies. The results are outstanding. Enjoy! 

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