Weird Old Science Gear = Awesome!

I came across this video and thought .. 'this guy doesn't SEEM to be a mad scientist, but what else could he be?' 

Turns out Steve Erenbgerg, also known as "Radio Guy," has a business called Early Electronics where he and his son have taken their love of collecting strange scientific apparatuses and turned it into a business. He also collects antique "globes, industrial masks and helmets, medical equipment, anatomical models, steam engines, antique toys, antique lighting, weird tools, and of course, old radios" according to Boing Boing. 

Steve and his son have been collecting old science and medical gear for quite some time, and if you're ever in Peekskill, New York, you can visit his shop and check it out for yourself.

For now, enjoy the video tour! —Bear James

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