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Koozå has more than 175 costumes and 160 hats. Counting all of the shoes, props, wigs and such, the total number of wardrobe pieces is 1,080.

Kid Reporter : Interview with a Clown

Kid Reporter Ella had the chance to sit down with Stéphan Landry of the Cirque du Soleil show Koozå for a behind the scenes interview. Really inspiring!

This fantastical performance is all the more enticing after listening to Stéphan and Ella talk about Stéphan's experience with the Cirque Du Soleil, his history in the performing arts, and what it's like playing a clown. Oh, and if it's one thing the Thinga team learned through this amazing experience, it's that you might be able to take the clown out the the performance but you can never take the clown out of the performer. Needless to say, proceed with caution- this clown might not be in costume but he's still just as funny as ever.

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Four Circus Jokes

Just click on the four HA's

What circus performers can you see in the dark?



What did the egg say to the clown?


You crack me up!

Why is the clown sad?


Because he broke his funny bone!

Girl acrobat

A young girl was looking for a job in the paper and saw a vacancy for an acrobat.


"Perfect," she thought. "I could do that standing on my head..."

"I lost my breath during the tightwire act"

— Paul, Age 10

"Outstanding performances. The contortionists were incredible. The magical narrative was touching. All ages should be going to this show"

"The devil hoops dudes were my favorite. So scary!!"
— Anke, Age 8